The HARPIA-TB is a third beam delivery module for the HARPIA-TA unit that adds an additional dimension to time-resolved absorption measurements. It allows multi-pulse time-resolved spectroscopic techniques, in which the ongoing pump-probe photodynamics are perturbed by a delayed third pulse.


Combining TCSPC and MCS data acquisition in one electronics module enables a lifetime range that extends over twelve orders of magnitude, from a few picoseconds to seconds. Sample: DASPI in ethanol Excitation Source: 375 nm pulsed diode laser (EPL-375) Counts Time …

TCSPC module determines the time of the photon within the laser pulse sequence and the location within the scanning area. These values are used to address the histogram memory in which the events are accumulated. Thus, in the memory the distribution of the photon density over the scan Aurea Technology is launching the SPD_AT, its new near-infrared time-correlated single-photon-counting (TCSPC) module. The ultralow-noise and high-quantum-efficiency 900- to 1700-nm device includes a Geiger-mode InGaAs avalanche photodiode and thermoelectric coolers that ensure high detection efficiency of up to 25%. The TCSPC Module for Superconducting NbN Detectors. Fastest Member of the SPC-150N Family; Time Channel Width Down to 203 fs; Electrical Time Resolution 1.1 ps RMS ( < 3 ps FWHM ) Extremely High Timing Stability, Low-Frequency Timing Wobble < 0.4 ps RMS; Ideal for Superconducting NbN Detectors; 10 MHz Saturated Count Rate The Principle of Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting Time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy is a pow-erful analysis tool in fundamental physics as well as in the life sciences. Implementing it in the time do-main requires recording the time dependent inten-sity profile of the emitted light upon excitation by a Announcement SPC-180NX – 28 Years of TCSPC/FLIM Experience.

Tcspc module

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The TCSPC module receives the timing pulse, the PMT channel number, and the scan clock signals (frame sync, line sync and pixel clock) from the scanning unit of the microscope. For each photon, the TCSPC module determines the location within the scanning area (x and y) and the time of the photon in the laser pulse sequence (t). Based on FPGA fast electronics, the CHRONOXEA TCSPC correlation module features a high transer rate up to 1 x 106 correlations/sec. In addition, it offers a PC connection via its USB interfaces.

4-Channel TCSPC Module SPC-154 Four-Channel Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting Module Four fully parallel TCSPC channels Picosecond resolution Ultra-high sensitivity Multi-detector / multi-wavelength capability in all four channels High-speed on-board data acquisition Photon distribution and time-tag modes

The CFDs not only reject noise and low-amplitude pulses but also prevent the amplitude jitter of the detector pulses from inducing timing jitter. The principle of a CFD is shown in Fig. 3. FIG. 3. TCSPC originates from the measurement of excited nuclear states and has been used since t Our store has a featured set of products; not all products are shown.

Tcspc module

tcspc每个通道内也有接收上升沿信号的死时间,我们用的国产的tcspc死时间小于10ns ; 另外TCSPC还有时间分辨率 ,理想情况下采集时间是连续的,现实情况是仪器的采集时间都是离散的 [13] (可以看作数学上实数和有理数的区别),即 存在一个最小采集时间间隔 ,称之为时间分辨率。

Based on these components Becker & Hickl supply their own confocal fluorescence lifetime laser scanning microscope and FLIM upgrade kits for laser scanning microscopes of various manufacturers. functionalities of several electronic devices into a single and flexible one: time-tagger, TCSPC module, delay generator, digital conditional filters and counters. A comprehensive, affordable, versatile and scalable series of instruments composed of 3 different main versions: tcspc每个通道内也有接收上升沿信号的死时间,我们用的国产的tcspc死时间小于10ns ; 另外TCSPC还有时间分辨率 ,理想情况下采集时间是连续的,现实情况是仪器的采集时间都是离散的 [13] (可以看作数学上实数和有理数的区别),即 存在一个最小采集时间间隔 ,称之为时间分辨率。 The bh HPM-100 module combines a Hamamatsu R10467-40 GaAsP hybrid PMT tube with the preamplifier and the generators for the PMT operating voltages in one compact housing.

Tcspc module

The HydraHarp 400 is a high-end, easy to use, plug and play Time Interval Analyzer (TIA) and Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) system with scalability for multiple channels (covered by patent DE 10 2008 004 549). The SPC-130-EMN is a small size and low-cost time-correlated single photon counting ( TCSPC) module (patented) with high-time resolution for standard fluorescence lifetime applications and for applications requiring a large number of parallel TCSPC channels.
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Tcspc module

Integrated, photonics-based systems design – OTDR, LiDAR, TCSPC , spectroscopy Our multidisciplinary project team includes Physicists and Engineers with skills and TCSPC_UROP. Time Correlated Single Photon Counting Module.

Eight-Channel TCSPC Module. To fulfill the requirements of modern multichannel TCSPC applications, an 8-channel TCSPC module prototype, which can eventually be easily scaled up, has been developed by the PoliMi group.
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The module can be operated also in free-running mode, with the SPAD always ON. The main feature of the module is the possibility to increase the Dynamic Range of TCSPC systems thanks to a fast OFF-ON transition.

The module employs an advanced TCSPC technique featuring both high count rate and low differential nonlinearity. It contains the The bh TCSPC products are complemented by bh picosecond diode lasers, detector modules, multi-spectral detector assemblies, and experiment control modules.